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Please note: Due to the elegant nature of the materials, we do not ship items in the Heritage Collection. They are only available for pick up at our monastery. So you will not be charged for shipping, you MUST choose Local Pick Up as your delivery preference. We will contact you to arrange a pick-up date and time convenient for you.

Inspiration behind the Heritage Collection

Items in our Heritage Collection have been inspired by things that pair our monastery’s history with its objects.

Artisans such as our Sister Sean and retired lay employee Larry Jensen have used a variety of vintage materials rescued and reclaimed around the monastery including century-old maple flooring, windows, stained glass, tin ceilings and more. Each custom-made piece is one of a kind and the product of hours of delicate work.

Finding new uses for old things

“I use vintage maple floor boards dating from around 1914 to 1917, pieces of old tin ceiling from around the same time, black walnut from our trees and glass taken from 100-year-old windows,” Sister Sean said. “I enjoy taking care of what God has provided and finding new uses for old things.”

It’s difficult to ascertain how long a project takes from start to finish. As Sister Sean jokes, “It’s not like I go to the lumber yard and pick out a new board.”

Instead, she combs through the monastery's reclaimed and salvaged wood. She spends time in thought, contemplating what board would be best matched with which project.

And that’s the easiest part.

“It takes a while to actually get the board ready to use,” she said. “It depends on what features of the board I want to keep. I might have to fill nail holes or remove a section of tongue and groove. And that’s all before I even start prepping and sanding it.”

All of which is done in tandem with prayer.

“My first priority is - and always will be - prayer,” she said. “To be able to give new life to old things while praying to God and while praying for others is a privilege and a gift not to be taken for granted."

How to purchase

New pieces will be added to Monastery Creations only as they are completed. Many of the items in the Heritage Collection are also available in our monastery Gift Shop. Due to the elegant and delicate nature of the materials, we cannot ship items from the Heritage Collection. Instead, they are available for pick up at our monastery in Clyde, Missouri. We will contact you regarding the best time to pick up your order. ***So you will not be charged for shipping, you MUST choose Local Pick Up as your delivery preference.***

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